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Maccaferri UK to develop gabion walls at the new Ibstock Brickworks factory, Leicester


Maccaferri UK supplied gabions as part of a construction project for a new manufacturing plant of Ibstock Brickworks

After the development of two retaining walls to create some access ramps, Maccaferri will be designing other retaining structures at the Ibstock Brickworks factory.

As part of Ibstock Brickworks’ decision of increasing the overall brick manufacturing capacity from 90 million to 190 million units per year, the Company started the development of a new factory in Ibstock itself. The project was first disclosed to its neighbours during a public information day held on the 25th April 2015.

Ibstock Brickworks has a long history of brick manufacturing from the 1830s, clay extraction and employment in the village of Ibstock. Thanks to the new facility in addition to the current factories, the Company will be also able to create new opportunities of employment.

Among the works being developed at the new factory, contractor GS Tomlinson had to deal with the creation of access ramps in a few locations of the building site.

Under the supervision of Maccaferri Area Engineer Paul Keegan, the ramp-related part of the project is being carried out as a Maccaferri Construction design, supply and install work.

Maccaferri are thus working on two gabion walls:

  • the first one to be built will be adjacent to the cooling tower of the building, since is meant to form a ramp for access up into the factory from the concrete service yard.
  • the second wall will be built next to clay storage bins. Satisfied by the outcome of the first two jobs, GS Tomlinson have then requested Maccaferri to design additional ramps into the building from the service yard.

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