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Maccaferri revisits an architectural Gabion Wall in Cardiff, Wales.


Maccaferri UK revisits a free-standing double sided welded wire Gabion wall in order to screen a Drama studio from the public and provide acoustic protection.

As part of planning conditions for the construction of BBC Wales, new Roath Lock Studios in Cardiff Bay a 126m long 6.5m high free standing ‘green wall’ was required to screen the studio’s drama village from public view and to provide enhanced acoustic protection.

Maccaferri was contracted to advise and install a free-standing double sided welded wire Gabion wall. The solution was chosen in order to create a ‘cliff face’ appearance using locally sourced sandstone paving off-cuts as the infill material. Different colours of stone were placed in the Gabions to form distinctive horizontal bandings and enhance the natural cliff face aesthetic. The Gabion wall required support from structural steel columns. These were incorporated so that some were visible on the public facing side. These were then clad with timber to create vertical features on the wall. The top of the Gabion wall was also planted with coastal plant species and ivy so the wall vegetated as it matured.

The Maccaferri Gabions used for the BBC Cardiff wall were 4mm diameter welded wire mesh units with integral transverse diaphragms. Welded wire Gabions are delivered to site flat-packed where they are assembled, lifted into position and finally filled with durable stone. The modular nature of the Gabion means that it can be used in a vast array of applications and configurations. Welded wire Gabions are ideal for architectural applications where a harder face finish is required. Welded wire Gabion Baskets can be supplied in sizes that are a multiple of the 75mm mesh aperture allowing thin Gabion cladding cells to be installed. Maccaferri welded wire Gabions are available in a variety of diameter wire mesh sizes some with and additional polymer protective coating.

Ultimately the solution proved to be safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. It is an increasingly popular solution in urban environments where an aesthetically pleasing rock wall is required for acoustic or screening purposes.

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