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Creating a solid foundation for economic development in East Sussex


The construction of a new link road in the “Growth Corridor” above Bexhill-on-Sea will lead to a boost in business and housing development.

Nearing completion, the North Bexhill Access Road is a crucial part of the wider development plans of the Bexhill-on-Sea area by opening access to future employment and residential land. Our soil stabilization solutions have supported the project by providing reinforcement across key areas of construction.

The area around Bexhill-on-Sea, in East Sussex, is currently undergoing a large-scale economic development programme – a major part of which is the nearly completed North Bexhill Access Road. The 2.4 km link road will open access to large areas of development land for new businesses, houses and farms, helping to stimulate growth and create new employment opportunities across the region.

Beginning work in 2016, client Sea Change Sussex and contractor Breheny Civil Engineering have relied on the reinforcement power of Maccaferri’s soil stabilization solutions throughout the project.

Across two phases of development, soil road embankments have been constructed using Paralink® geogrids, which have provided both basal reinforcement and a reliable load transfer platform.

MacTex® W2 geotextile was used to create a stable working platform for the mobile cranes and piling rigs on site. Applied directly to the wet subgrade, this high-strength polyester woven geotextile performs both reinforcement and separation functions, making it ideal for the soil make-up of the Bexhill site.

The site’s haulage roads and carparks were stabilized using MacGrid® WG geogrids. Engineered to be mechanically and chemically durable, MacGrid® is finished with a protective polymeric coating, making it resistant to biological degradation.

To find out more about how Maccaferri is supporting the construction of this essential link near Bexhill-on-Sea, download the case study.

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