erosion control

Environmental erosion control solutions through engineering

The protection of the environment has been a corporate goal since we first offered hydraulic works solutions and erosion protection solutions over 100 years ago. This application area involves protecting vulnerable soils, reducing erosion through stabilisation.

Gradual threats. These soil surfaces are not exposed to the constant hydraulic forces of rivers and channels, but the occasional wetting and drying erosion forces from wind, rain and gravity. If allowed to continue, loss of vegetation, habitat and land will occur.

Burrowing animals cause damage to slopes, embankments and the transportation infrastructure including train line embankments. Our Anti-burrowing mesh or commonly known as Badger netting prevents slope deterioration. The mesh has two different options including the addition of a 3D polymer matrix to encourage vegetation, and just the standard mesh as surface reinforcement. Both options are BBA certified with the polymer coating having a design life of 120 years.

Action appropriate to risk. Maccaferri’s philosophy is to offer clients a graded, logical range of erosion control products and drainage techniques so that the level of intervention is appropriate to the erosion risk encountered.

Tailor-made solutions are available. With this expertise and strong manufacturing base, we can tailor solutions to clients’ problems. Selecting from a wide range of geomats, fabrics and materials, the combinations of products are almost endless; Biomac® biodegradable biomats, MacMat® reinforced and unreinforced geomats, MacWeb® cellular soil containment systems and the traditional double twist steel wire-based products; Gabions, Reno mattresses and wire mesh.

The value of efficient drainage for erosion control

The range of MacDrain® drainage geocomposites (with geonet or geomat cores), constitute a fundamental tool in the design of erosion control and slope stabilisation systems; efficient water drainage has always been one of the most powerful tools and efficient means for soil consolidation and stabilisation. Using our bespoke design software, we assist clients with their erosion needs, providing optimised, value for money solutions.



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