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Anti-Burrowing Mesh solution for major re-build of UK railway line


Anti-Burrowing Mesh for major re-build of UK railway line

Maccaferri supply Anti-Burrowing mesh along a re-build of a UK railway line 

The East West Rail Alliance (EWRA) is a large rail project which plans to utilise the previously built and abandoned varsity line to re-build an upgraded line that links Oxford and Cambridge via Bicester, Milton Keynes and Bedford avoiding London.

The planned route covers an extensive distance consisting of diverse environmental challenges. As you progress through this countryside route, there is a variety of wildlife including a large amount of Badgers. Badgers are fantastic diggers and often can have many burrows at any given time. Occasionally badgers decide to burrow underneath live rail embankments which can lead to collapse and delays in the line. A solution which detours badger burrows from the rail lines and is also environmentally friendly was needed so Maccaferri Anti-Burrowing Double Twist mesh was the solution.

Over the years Maccaferri have completed extensive studies showing that our Anti-Burrowing Double Twist Mesh provides environmentally friendly active protection against large rodents. The PVC Double Twist 6×8 mesh was selected as a suitable solution due to the smaller apertures which also helps to stop juvenile burrowing rodents.

The Anti-Burrowing mesh provides a 120 year design life which meets Network Rail specifications.

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