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Anchor Wall Systems approved for BBA certificate

Anchor Wall Systemsapproved for BBA certificate

Our MacWall® Anchor Landmark and Anchor Vertica wall systems are used for MSE walls

We are delighted that our Anchor Landmark Wall and Anchor Vertica Wall System, well known as MacWall®, have been awarded a BBA Certificate. Both systems are used for reinforced soil walls and consist of concrete blocks and BBA certified geogrids.

Both MacWall® systems usually use granular and compacted fill material for construction of the reinforced soil retaining wall. MacWall® is a segmental blockwork retaining wall system combining the aesthetics of masonry walls with the engineered reassurance of reinforced earth for example in bridge abutments.

The Landmark Wall System relates to reinforced soil retaining walls and bridge abutments which consist of concrete block facing units. This can reach a maximum height of 10 metres in one tier.

Anchor Vertica wall uses our ParaGrid® geogrids which are composite geosynthetic, high strength strips made from polyester and encased in a polyethylene sheath. Globally, ParaGrid® has been one of the most tried and tested geogrids offering 120 year design life as well as high performance. Reinforced soil structures have chemical, physical and biological conditions in which ParaGrid® is resistant. When using MacWall® Vertica the wall could reach a maximum of 8 metres in height.

The BBA certificate assessed key factors including mechanical properties, performance of geogrids and durability.

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