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A5-M1 Link (Dunstable Northern Bypass)

A5-M1 Link - Maccaferri UK & Ireland

Maccaferri UK, working with civil contractor JV Carillion/Costain, are providing short-medium term erosion protection to recently top soiled surfaces on the A5-M1 Link in Dunstable.

These fresh surfaces are always vulnerable to rain water run-off at this time of year. The run-off strips the soil surface of nutrients and seeds.

By placing an erosion control mat onto the slope, this rain water impact and run off is significantly reduced. This gives the fragile root systems some reinforcement and helps to establishment a more robust vegatation layer more quickly. Vegatation is the most effective way of providing self-maintaining and dense erosion protection to drainage ditches.

Maccaferri offers a graded range of erosion protection / erosion control mats for use in these circumstances; from coir natural fibre blankets, up to man-made polymeric mats with steel (or geogrid) reinforcement. The reinforced mats are used where the forces are greater.

For more information about erosion control click here.

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