Officine Maccaferri

Three star legality rating for Officine Maccaferri


The Italian Competition Authority (ICA) assigns the maximum score to the company headed by Alessandro Maccaferri

The Italian Competition Authority (ICA) has included Officine Maccaferri SpA in the list of the enterprises with legality rating, with a three star score.

Of the 2,965 companies operating in Italy which submitted their applications, only 156 (around 5%) received the highest 3 star ranking. These include the leading environmental engineering company of the Maccaferri Industrial Group, together with a few other companies of the Emilia area.

Officine Maccaferri distinguished its activities for respecting the main legal protocols, for using transparent traceability systems and certified conformity checks, for guaranteeing Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and respecting every form of protection against mafia infiltration. Moreover, Officine Maccaferri has adhered to various codes of ethics and self-regulation and has adopted effective measures to prevent and fight corruption.

The prestigious acknowledgement was particularly welcomed by the President of Officine Maccaferri, Alessandro Maccaferri, who commented: “The Italian Competition Authority has rewarded the efforts made in terms of legality and cooperation with all the parties involved, from the Ministry of the Interior to Confindustria and from trade Associations to Prefectures. Furthermore, this was made possible thanks to the work of our legal resources dedicated to the project, together with the guidance of our consultants.”

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