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The expansion of Slovenian winter sports “Planica Nordic Centre” nears completion –a project where Maccaferri provided the shock-pad Terradrain Football.

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Maccaferri participates in the construction process of the soccer field made at the winter sports center in Slovenia by supplying its famous synthetic turf used all over the world.

The project to renovate and widen the Planica Nordic Centre (Nordijski Center Planica), a world-renowned sports site for winter disciplines, has recently been completed. The inauguration of the finalized project was celebrated with an opening ceremony. The event was closely followed by nationals, non-nationals, and avid winter sports fans.

The Planica Nordic Centre is considered to be the cradle of the ski jumping discipline. The venue has witnessed numerous ski jumping records since 1936 when the first jump of over 100 meters in drop length was first recorded.

The Planica sports site now occupies an area of about 100,000 m2. The area houses a central area made up of seven jumps including ski jumps of different sizes and a ski jumping trampoline–the only one of its kind in the world.

Officine Maccaferri has actively contributed to the restructuring of the area.  Maccaferri specifically provided an innovative system of artificial grass for application onto a football field.

In addition to building a structure for cross-country skiing, the modernization project also included:

  • the creation of a stadium with a regular soccer field measuring about 8200 m2
  • various cross-country trails and other smaller sports areas.

Instead of installing a traditional system consisting of:

  • a thick layer of granular, permeable material
  • a network of perforated drainage pipes–into the stadium pitch, Maccaferri chose to use its very own, more advanced, system: Terradrain Football D8 MRT. Essentially, this new solution is a drainage geocomposite and shock pad in one product that has already been used successfully in hundreds of sports fields around the world (more than 4 million square meters have already been supplied).

Installed horizontally within the pitch construction, the Terradrain geocomposite ensures a very high and constant drainage capacity of stormwater while simultaneously providing a shock-pad for reducing impact injuries for the athletes using the facility. This drainage feature is critical for the prevention of differential settlement and deformation of the playing surface. The product was further chosen by the contractor because it is made only out of recyclable materials and is easy to transport and quick to install.

For more information on this project and on our composite drainage for sports fields, you can contact us.

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