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Maccaferri found in webinars a powerful business promotion tool that allows bridging the distance with the customers, offering meetings enjoyable in an easy and direct way, and that has helped to strengthen the Group’s visibility, even with new potential stakeholders.

Before the pandemic, the Group’s marketing strategy was strongly focused on direct contact with customers through participation in trade fairs and events, but the outbreak of Covid-19 pushed for a reversal in the old patterns. Therefore, in order to cope with the severe travel constraints, the Group adopted a new approach, launching webinars to present its solutions, leveraging on the synergetic work of the Marketing division and each Business Unit involved. The webinars, which generally last around forty minutes, provide the opportunity to gain visibility with a very wide audience, which can reach peaks of thousands of subscribers, which are numbers difficult to replicate in face-to-face meetings. In 2021, this strategy led to excellent results: fifty thousand subscribers on the whole for 600 events, broadcast in different languages and all live. Considering this achievement, the Group plans to continue with this approach in 2022.

Compared to the traditional business meeting, the webinar allows framing the solutions offered by Maccaferri in a broader context and in relation to the valuable contribution of an expert. As stated by Paolo Di Pietro, Maccaferri Senior Specialist, the use of webinars will be increasingly promoted in the future as this method ensures constant and direct communication. In addition, there is a significant economic advantage given the organizational costs are close to zero, unlike in the past when an in-person meeting implies significant travel expenses. Furthermore, in this way you can reach a target in terms of countries involved that would not be possible in a single conference, in addition to the fact that the possibility of reorganizing a webinar after a few months allows the company to present updates and news on a topic already covered. Finally, this communication strategy has also changed the purpose of the direct contact with stakeholders: whereas in the past, it was the first step for reaching out to those potentially interested in Maccaferri’s offer, today it is a passage to deepen a need or a specific project already asked by the stakeholder. Di Pietro also dispels the myth that the lack of in-person interaction can lead to a decline in audience engagement: “our webinars have always had a good attendance and we have seen that the interaction with those who follow us remains constant and active“.

However, webinars are just the tip of the iceberg: behind, there is great teamwork that involves many actors within the company for content creation and for the support of communication and dissemination through social media, which help the awareness and dissemination of webinars, promoting networking and visibility with possible customers.


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