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Terramesh system for retaining walls and bridge abutments in Corsica.

Terramesh - Corsica

Maccaferri France supplies and installs Terramesh system in Corsica.

Soil reinforced structures leading to two bridges, spanning over a roundabout, were designed as part of the creation of a significant interchange located south of Furiani (north east of Corsica island) on one of the main roads of Corsica.

The project called for the installation of soil embankments of a maximum height of 6m. These embankments are stabilized by the help of soil reinforced structures with a mineral aspect. The existing bridge abutments were also retained by soil reinforced structures in addition to the embankments. In summary, on the north part, the bridge abutment is leaning on piles. On the south part the dam is founded over piles (weak soils) and the bridge abutment is directly leaning on the structural fill.

Corse Travaux (part of Vinci group), in charge of the works, chose to consult and make use of the expertise of Maccaferri to design the works with the Terramesh system solution as a variant of the original proposed solution.

The layout of the solution also called for additional reinforcement in the form of Asqual certified Paragrid 50 and 100. All the calculation were made using Maccaferri’s standard internal software Macstars, which sheds light on complex geometries as well as various loadings.

While Corse Travaux initially intended to install the totality of the works (~2000m²), using solely their own teams ,it nonetheless, given the complexity of the works, decided to consult Maccaferri for its technical know-how and even contracted Maccaferri to partly install the works.

This project will be the first true bridge abutment jobsite realized with the Terramesh system solution in France.

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