Protecting the structure. Seawalls and shoreline structures are built to protect infrastructure like cities, roads, highways, railway lines and industrial installations from the sea. These structures are typically rigid and longitudinal to the shoreline and can increase the reflection of the incident waves. Consequently, these structures are subjected to complex erosion phenomena and if this is not adequately addressed, the structure will be undermined with consequences to the performance of the structure.

‘Mac’ solutions for seawalls. With seawalls it is good practice to reduce their slope (sea-side) in order to reduce the reflection of incident waves. This can be achieved using a combination of MacTube® MacBag®, gabions and Mattresses (either polymeric or steel mesh based), depending on the characteristics of the seawall work protection and the availability of materials.

Site and client specific solutions. Shoreline protection can take many forms which we optimise according to the site conditions and client requirements.


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