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Maccaferri Central Europe organizes job site visit to reveal a successful Reno Mattress application.

Reno matrace

Hungarian designers, investors and contractors visited a bridge bypass construction site secured by Maccaferri’s Reno Mattresses during a series of job site visits.

On April 6th through 7th Maccaferri Central Europe organized a job site visit for Hungarian designers, investors and contractors. The two day visit enabled attendees to visit various different project sites—some still in progress and other already completed—for which Maccaferri Cental Europe has been contracted for. As part of outreach presentations, participants were asked to familiarize themselves with technical solutions, reinforced slopes, retaining walls, bridge abutments and wing walls.

One project site visited by participants during the tour was the R1-Banska Bystrica – northern bypass.

During their visit, participants were introduced to the principles of design required for the structures durability. Technical presentations were furthermore conducted to shed light on the peculiarities of each solutions engineering.

The Bystrica-northern Bypass SO 211-00, 213-00 A 214-00 Rudlovska Interchange in Slovakia, Banska Bystrica was a crucial bridge bypass construction site. The project was concluded in August 2012 and continues to benefit civilians and the environment alike. Maccaferri proposed the installation of Reno Mattresses due to constraints associated with the realization dates of the project and the high risk of slope erosion on the base of the construction site. Maccaferri’s proposal was ultimately accepted due to its cost and technical benefits. The solution was implemented on all the three bridge structures that form the Rudlovska interchange.

To elaborate further, Maccaferri resorted to protect the slope under the bridge abutments against erosion using Reno mattresses. Reno mattresses are units manufactured from double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh 6×8 type, diameter 2,2 mm, coated with Galmac. At a thickness of 23 cm the mattresses provide optimal stability. Local andesite stone was used to fill the mattresses. Given the fact that the mattresses are installed on a relatively steeply graded slopes, they must be anchored using ground nails. The toe of the slope is strengthened with stones in concrete.

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