Treatment from start to finish. The treatment process consists of the operations undertaken after mineral extraction and continue until a concentrated mineral is produced. Numerous phases can include; fragmentation, graining, milling, classification and concentration.

Maccaferri experience and solutions to help support heavy loads

We have extensive experience in the construction of large mining tip and crusher walls, as well as structures to support conveyor systems. Our soil reinforcement systems, including MacRES® and Terramesh® are combined with our ultra-tough and high-strength Paralink® geogrids to form these often vertical faced structures able to accommodate the massive loads from haul trucks.

Saving both money and time. The added benefit is that these walls can be built quickly, and also often re-using site-won materials as structural backfill to the geogrid reinforced walls; saving the mine cost and time and minimising the impact on production.

Protecting the environment during concentration

For the concentration stage, waterproofing systems and lagoon structures are required to contain the concentrate, thereby avoiding infiltration into the natural ground and potential contamination of aquifers. Our soil reinforcement is often used within containment structures and MacLine® geomembranes and MacDrain® drainage geocomposites prevent contaminants escaping within heap-leach pads.

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