CAN HW Gabions and Reno mat for weirs

From the Gabion to Geosynthetics

Historically, these solutions have included our renowned Gabion and Reno Mattresses®, but since the development of engineering geosynthetics, we have expanded our solution portfolio for the coastal & river control works. We now select from a logical graded range of interventions enabling us to optimise the solution for our clients.

Maccaferri problem-solving expertise.For over a century, we have developed significant expertise in solving engineering problems within hydraulic works and the protection of coasts. These problems are characterised by the effect of moving water upon the land and structures connected to it; our solutions minimise or prevent these effects.

Strength from products and knowledge. The knowledge and capability to offer solutions featuring combinations of products, gives our engineers a h2 position from which they can offer international consultants, major construction companies and policy makers tailored advice in the search for new solutions.

Bespoke solutions. Where required, we have the skill and manufacturing technology to create bespoke solutions for projects, best illustrated with our involvement in the MOSE project to protect Venice from storm surges.

Green alternatives. We also have experience in soil-bioengineering techniques and the use of natural materials and plants in combination with traditional materials to provide ‘greener’ erosion protection for coastal waterways, river works or containment structures such as reservoirs.

Different products for different problems

The portfolio of products is used in numerous solutions:

  • Taming rivers. River and stream training: Transverse structures (weirs and drop-structures), river bank protection and river groynes reduce the erosion caused by river flow. These solutions are often used to sustain societies by providing water supply systems and irrigation channels for agriculture. Rivers are often contained within cities by Reno Mattress lined channels , limiting erosion and riverbank loss.
  • Limiting erosion’s effects. Scour protection: Our solutions are used around bridge piers, within reservoirs, on overflow channels from dams and within mines to limit the erosion effects from moving water.
  • Man-made bodies of water. Reservoirs, storage lagoons and ponds: Our solutions are used to create and line containment works for reservoirs, mine stilling basins, canals, attenuation ponds and storage lagoons as well as for golf courses and agriculture.
  • Coastal protection and repair. Coastal works: We offer solutions which protect the coast or structures on it, as well as solutions which repair or reinstate the coast, following damage; for example breakwaters or groynes for protection, or dune reconstruction and reef rehabilitation for repair works.
  • Protecting your pipes and cables. Pipeline Protection: Sarmac® and ACBMs have been used for many years for the protection of underwater pipelines and cables. Sarmac® remains flexible in cold water conditions, and due to its softer deformable structure, is ideal at pipe crossings and junctions.


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