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Which polymer coating ensures a reliable protection of mesh structures in aggressive environments?


Coatings must be resistant to different types of damage. Compliance to standards is mandatory and Maccaferri is constantly innovating in order to create better solutions

The choice of a wire coating for gabions is always determined by the project. Depending on its purpose and environmental conditions, level of importance and expected damage rate, a specific coating is applied that is to be resistant to different types of damage.

The regulatory documents specify that there are several types of polymer coatings, which can be used in aggressive environments. These are:

- Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
- High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
- Cross-linked polyethylene (CLP)
- Polyamide (PA6)

In Russia, the two most popular types are — PVC and HDPE. Both coatings have demonstrated good performance in the gabion market, as they are highly resistant to many chemicals and environmental conditions that have adverse effects on rough wire surface.

The results of the tests based on the European practice (EN 10245-2, EN 10223-3, ISO 868, ISO 527-2/1B/5 and ISO 527-2/1B/5) proved that the PVC used by MACCAFERRI GABIONS CIS is more resistant to mechanical damage as compared to traditional PVC brands that are used in Russia. Its adhesive ability was higher among the alternatives. The material demonstrated good resistance to UV radiation, no heavy metals were revealed in its chemical composition, and its plasticizers comply with the REACH Regulation.

Maccaferri’s plant in Kurgan produces gabion structures of galvanized wire with a polymer coating. In order to manufacture PVC coating for a heavily galvanized steel wire, we operate our own extrusion line. The extruder converts polyvinyl chloride from solid to molten state, perfectly homogenizing the mixture.

The studies conducted by Maccaferri’s technical specialists suggest that the mesh with an additional PVC coating from our plant in Kurgan has a number of advantages:

- High durability of the coating
- Snug fit of the PVC coating to the wire (no beads or thinning)
- Integrity of the coating in the places of twisting — the PVC coating does not collapse when the mesh is woven, which eliminates exposure of the wire.

Over 22 years of working in Russia and the CIS, hundreds of structures have been installed in difficult geological and climatic conditions:

- the construction of the combined road Adler — Alpika-Servis;
- stabilization of the Iren River dam in Perm;
- here are true-to-life examples proving the reliability of gabions made of PVC-coated wire mesh.

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