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Rockfall protection installations in Muscat, Oman


Maccaferri has recently successfully completed a project to secure the road linking the Bausher and Al Amerat districts in Muscat, the Omani capital

The 17km long highway project is cut through the rocky topography south of Muscat.

The project, commissioned by the General Directorate for Roads, has become increasingly necessary as a result of the many accidents that have occurred since the opening of the road in 2011, due to rockfalls.

The works which were completed in Summer 2016 and took almost two years. The executed works secured the slope using approximately 80,000m2 of surface stabilisation with double-twisted steel wire mesh and a series of dynamic rockfall barriers.

Rockfall barriers were installed with a variety of energy absorption levels from 500-1000 kJ and 2000-3000 kJ. In a specific location characterized by geomechanical complexity, an 8600kJ barrier, Maccaferri’s RMC 850/A rockfall barrier was also installed. This has the highest energy absorption capacity of rockfall barriers worldwide and it has been tested and certified according to ETAG 027 (Guidelines for European Technical Approval of Falling Rock Protection Kits).

The full-scale tests performed in according to ETAG 027 proved the barrier was able to absorb the impact of a test block with a mass of 19 tons, with an impact speed of 30 m/s (about 110 km/h), and a total kinetic energy exceeding 8600 kJ.

Despite the high energy that is able to absorb, the RMC 850/A barrier is a versatile rockfall barrier consisting of a simple structure making installation easy even in complex scenarios, minimizing installation time and facilitating maintenance interventions.

The road has now reopened with a far superior safety level and reduction in rockfall hazards.

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