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Waste management and modern landfills: a demanding scenario


Private sector operators, as well as public regulators, need to move in synergy in order to plan and implement efficient waste management facilities

Almost 75% of national GDP is generated within metropolitan areas worldwide. This leads to an incredible load of waste being accumulated in the surroundings of big cities. Designing, building and managing efficient landfills is vital in order to safeguard our environment.

Economic growth brings hydraulic and waste issues. This is something that, nowadays, an increasing number of urban districts are experiencing.

Research performed by the European Union explains something that directly impacts waste production and management: in Europe, 60% to 75% of national GDP is generated within metropolitan areas. Such a concentration of wealth production is likely to be common worldwide, meaning that major industries pivot on urban areas when it comes to production and distribution of products.
This leads to an enormous amount of waste (post-industrial, toxic, chemical, oil-derived, etc) being accumulated, thus necessitating a timely and sustainable disposal.
Not all waste material can be recycled and re-routed back into the supply chain: closing the waste cycle with a 100% recycling rate remains a utopia.

For such a reason, landfills are still necessary and achieving proper landfill management/technologies is a primary goal that public institutions need to pursue.

Landfills need to be properly lined and eventual fluid losses gathered in order not to percolate into the underlying aquifers.
Today’s geosynthetic industry has made great strides toward efficient and budget friendly solutions. Landfills need to be environmentally sustainable and also, since public finances are often distressed, scalable from the engineering and financial point of view.

Legislation also needs to cope with demanding requirements and industrial consultants, private sector operators as well as manufacturers need to be structured with a 360° approach, in order to deliver excellent advice, projects and implementation.

Within such a demanding scenario, Maccaferri can play a big role for local communities in need of a credible and reliable partner. Within landfill works, we have deployed our geomembranes to contain leachates, our geodrains to manage fluids and our geogrids to reinforce landfill cells to increase capacity.

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