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Officine Maccaferri Group launches PA6 – A NEW environmentally friendly polymer coating for wire products.

Maccaferri announces a new polymer coating for its steel wire products.
Maccaferri PA6 is an extruded polyamide coating for Maccaferri’s galvanised mild steel wireproducts. Maccaferri PA6 coated mesh has been added to the range of coatings as it offers significantly improved environmental and technical performance when compared to PVC and HD Ecoated mesh products on the market.
Maccaferri PA6 is more environmentally friendly than PVC. Unlike PVC, it does not containphthalates or ozone depleting chemicals. Also, Maccaferri PA6 does not contain heavy metals.Furthermore, it does not emit hydrogen chloride during burning, unlike PVC.

It offers improved:
  • Environmental performance
  • Resistance to mechanical damage 
  • Cold temperature performance
  • Resistance to hydrocarbon pollutants
  • Long term strength and elasticity
  • Adhesion to the wire

Compared to PVC coated wire products, Maccaferri PA6 offers:

  • 25% more elongation after 3000hrs UV test
  • 50% harder and therefore better able to resist damage
  • 3x better adhesion to the steel wire
  • 30% greater design life


As it offers better performance, it is not an alternative to PVC, but an enhancement. It is to be usedwhen PVC or HDPE coated products do not provide clients with the required environmentalperformance, design life or technical performance. PVC coated products are still available fromMaccaferri for use in less demanding projects.

The new coating will be available globally on the full range of Maccaferri’s double twist wire meshproducts including:
  • Gabions    Reno® Mattresses
  • Rockfall protection mesh
  • Terramesh® soil reinforcement system
  • Green Terramesh® soil reinforcement system
It is manufactured in accordance with the official standard EN 10245-5:2011 “Steel wire and wireproducts – Organic coatings on steel wire – Part 5: Polyamide coated wire“.

Maccaferri PA6 has been extensively tested both on the polymer itself and on the coated wire,providing clients with a reassurance of quality and durability.

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