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Maccaferri’s MacDrain drainage solutions optimally replace gravel


The geocomposites engineered by Officine Maccaferri can completely replace gravel used within classic drainage systems, optimizing installation and reducing environmental impact

When a soil gets saturated with rain water or exposed to floods and severe hazards, safety and stability of civil and agricultural infrastructures can be seriously compromised.

The saturation effect significantly increases the burden on each square meter, potentially compromising the load capacity, calculated by the engineers during the design phase. The composition of the ground can change making structures unstable.

Removing the water is therefore essential in order to allow the soil to consolidate and react to the stress load. Among the different solutions, the drainage composites, if designed and installed properly, can replace the traditional gravel.

Especially in the case of sports facilities, the use of geotextiles or geomats maximizes the usefulness of technological improvements as low weights need to be carried, making installation easier and timely.

The best solution developed by Maccaferri is MacDrain. Provided with a specifically-developed design software, Maccaferri’s experts will “crop” the perfect composition of products in order to install efficient and long lasting drains.

Environment also gains from our drainage solutions. Each product in the MacDrain series can replace the traditional gravel drainage, thus reducing emissions as gravel no longer needs to be dug, and long convoys of trucks no longer will be necessary in order to move major loads to the installation site.

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