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Maccaferri participates in protection of Guazza Reserve in Corsica in a hydraulic works project

Gabion reno mattres

Maccaferri France designed its hydraulic works solution taking into account constraints of the site

At the request of the Territorial of Corsica, a tender was launched concerning the mechanical protection of the Guazza hydraulic reserve works in Corsica and developments located in the surrounding areas. The reserve is located on the right bank of Golo. It was first established in the early eighties.  Located in a natural trough helmed by two dikes, its has a capacity of about  300.000m3.
The company DANI, contractor of the project, requested that Maccaferri conducts a study proposing the implementation of a protective upstream Reno mattresses. After evaluating the various constraints of the project, Maccaferri designed a 0.23m thick Reno mattress protection system with a variable length of 6- 30 m depending on the slope and the area of peak levels needing protection. This protection is designed to resists a wave action height of about 90cm to a gradient 2H: 1V. The mattresses are based on a stable complex that consists of a geomembrane protected by two anti-punching geotextiles.

A double twist wire mesh has been stapled on the underside of the mattress to prevent the bed from sliding on the slope. This measure was taken only for some areas, given the existing high slope and little interface friction angle between the secure compound and the Reno mattress. Meanwhile, the wire mesh is retained in a cut head anchorage.

Our new PA6 polymer coating has been added to our Reno Mattress and wire mesh to offer a solution to those projects that require improved environmental and technical performance to the existing PVC and HDPE coated mesh products on the market.

Various measures were taken to ensure the stability of the design. Most importantly, the stability of the mattresses on the bank was checked. Also, the mesh was analyzed to prevent slippage of the mattress and check its resistance. The dimensions of the anchoring trench were also checked. Following these calculations, three zones were defined according to the encountered configurations.

9000m2 of Reno Mattress and 20 000 m2 of wire mesh were installed for this project.
As a result of its experience and technical skills, Maccaferri has managed to once again adapt its solutions to the constraints of a construction site for optimal performance.

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