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Maccaferri provides training sessions for the installation of Reno Mattresses at a hydropower plant in Brežice, Slovenia


A staff training session was provided by Maccaferri´s project engineers on the installation of Reno mattresses in Brežice, Slovenia, late September

Staff training sessions are an essential part of project management. For the work at the hydropower plant in Brežice, project engineers trained site workers and supervisors on how to properly assemble and install mattresses. This effort was a part of the project-specific technical assistance package from Maccaferri.

Maccaferri often brings its project engineers together with site workers and supervisors to show them how to assemble and install Maccaferri products correctly. Recently such a package was provided for a hydraulic work located along the river Sava.

The hydropower plant Brežice is the fourth of the five planned power stations on to be built on the lower reach of the river Sava. The hydroelectric power plant with five spillways and reservoir. Three generators with rated discharge 500 m3/s will produce annually 161 GWh.

For this project, Reno Mattresses were chosen for the protection of the embankment´s slopes. The mattresses were heavily galvanised and additionally coated with Maccaferri’s PA6 polymer to enhance the long-term design life of the hydraulic application. The total area that is to be protected is 15,000m2. The mattresses delivered were 6m x 3m and 30cm thick.

The mattresses are filled with stones originating in the surrounding area of the river Sava. Given the fill used, the slopes maintain a natural appearance and transportation costs are dramatically reduced enhancing the environmental compatability of the solution.

On the 22nd of September a staff training took place on the site to instruct staff on the correct installation of mattresses. The training was provided by Maccaferri´s project engineers, as a part of the project-specific technical assistance package. Site workers and supervisors were shown how to assemble and install mattresses properly.

Another important component of the training session was to advise employees about filling mattresses whilst minimising installation damage to the protective coating, which could lead to reduced performance of mattresses and could also affect their appearance.

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