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Enabling environmentally friendly solution in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines


To counter the danger of rockfalls, the client has chosen to protect a wind farm with our MacMat and SteelGrid HR

Our products will provide protection against falling debris and loose rocks at the PHESI Wind Farm and allow the slope to naturally revegetate.

Philippine Hybrid Energy Systems, Inc. (PHESI), a company of CMC (Asia), Inc., is a developer of renewable energy systems in the form of wind, water, and solar energy. In partnership with Berkeley Energy, PHESI is constructing a 48-megawatt wind farm in the highland village of Baclayan, 900 meters or 2,700 feet above sea level.

Baclayan lies about 10 kilometers south west of Puerto Galera and the wind farm overlooks famous coves within the Verde Island Passage. This is an important addition to the power grid in this area since Mindoro is predominantly powered by diesel-fueled generators.

The wind farm will comprise eight 230ft-tall wind towers and a substation linked to the national grid by a 7.5-kilometer transmission line. In order to access the site, a new 9.5 km road straddling forests and hills will be built to connect the wind farm to Calapan North Road.

Local Iraya tribespeople indigenous to the area will benefit from the new road as it will make it easier for them to bring their products down from the mountains to sell in local markets.

To build the road and the and transmission lines, it has been necessary to cut and excavate existing hillsides. The problem with this approach is that excavation works have left portions of the slopes prone to rockfalls and erosion. This endangers both transmission pylons and the roadway from rockfalls and other debris.

Recognizing that natural vegetation is often the best form of erosion control, the client opted to protect the cleared slopes with our MacMat and SteelGrid HR. The solution will provide some protection against falling debris and loose rocks and will allow the slope to naturally revegetate.

By March, 2018, over 1,000 square meters of hillside had been covered in MacMat and SteelGrid HR and a further 1,700 square meters of materials were installed over the next couple of months.

The road is now open assisting access to and from the site. Natural vegetation has quickly established itself over the erosion control MacMat, leaving little visible evidence that land forming works have been carried out. As work proceeds at the hilltop site, the client is pleased to have lasting solution that will prevent the road becoming blocked or damaged during typhoons and heavy rain events.

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