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Maccaferri’s waterproofing solutions help mitigate and overcome flooding problematics

Waterproofing - PH

Maccaferri’s geotextile product line lends itself ideally to enhance waterproofing measures taken within water basins, reservoirs and lagoons in the Philippines.

Maccaferri is renown worldwide as a provider of geotechnical solutions and increasingly waterproofing solutions. Countries struggling with (1) large amounts of seasonal precipitation (2) inundation and (3) stormwater flooding’s often require waterproofing of Basins, Reservoirs, and Lagoons.

The Philippines are primarily affected by large amounts of seasonal precipitation and landslides. Flood forecasting and warning systems for river basins are often failed to sufficiently protect structures. Pools are found all throughout the various islands. One such basin, the Pampanga River Basin ( the 4th largest basin in the Philippines) covers an approximate aggregate area of 10,540 sqm. This basin alone extends over the southern slopes of the Caraballo Mountains, the western slopes of the Sierra Madre range and the significant portions of the Central Plain of Luzon. Many rivers flowing out of the basin allow for natural draining and flood control. Nonetheless due to global warming, flood flows at the lower section of various rivers are predicted to recede at a much faster rate than before.

In the Philippines, Basins and reservoirs and lagoons experience on an average, at least, one flooding in a year. Frequent cyclones pass over fragile areas, thus causing extensive erosion and damages.

Containment structures such as basins, reservoirs and lagoons are prone to succumbing to natural disasters. Maccaferri draws its expertise in landfill and environmental protection interventions. We can optimize solutions that match client demands.

Maccaferri’s flood mitigation and waterproofing solutions could be applied in various projects throughout the Philippines. Solutions include the MacLine geomembrane product line, protective geotextiles, water control structures and even vegetation covers. In some countries around the world, we are not merely a supplier of waterproofing products, but we can provide a full service including support for the design, materials supply, installation assistance or even the installation works themselves.

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