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We help protect road users with a plan for preventing rockfalls on the coast of Luzon in the Philippines


During heavy rains, road users have been put at risk from detached boulders and vegetation falling onto the busy Olangapo-Bugallon Highway. We proposed our SteelGrid HR 30 as the primary, active rockfall protection system.

The north-east coastline of Luzon from Olongapo to Iba and beyond is serviced by the very busy Olangapo-Bugallon Highway. While much of this highway runs through rural agricultural land, the section servicing Subic Bay Special Economic Zone is heavily populated and carries a significant amount of local traffic.

One section of road, five kilometers to the north of Olongapo City, runs close to the sea. On the landward side is a steep 20meter high slope. During heavy rains, road users have been at risk from detaching boulders and vegetation falling onto the roadway.

As a result, the Department of Public Works & Highways (DPWH) determined there was a need to have the slope protected with an active rockfall system and erosion control measures to prevent surficial erosion. We assisted DPWH in arriving at a design that would effectively protect road users and prevent further detachment of rocks from the slope.

To this end, our SteelGrid HR 30 was proposed as the primary, active rockfall protection system. To address surface erosion, our Macmat 12.1 erosion control mat was used in conjunction with the SteelGrid system.

The contractor who had installed our material for this project was JB Konstruktura, who has used our rockfall materials on numerous projects in the past.

Work on the Luzon project commenced in July 2017 with trimming of vegetation and grubbing the slope. The first material to be installed was MacMat 12.1 followed by SteelGrid. Subsequent to completion of installation works, the decision was made not to hydroseed the slope since local soils are of a very high quality and vegetation could already be seen.

Within a few short weeks, the slope had become fully vegetated. This has the advantage of fixing the erosion mat to the slope surface further consolidating the erosion protection. In addition, the vegetation has allowed the slope to blend with the natural environment and enhance the beauty of this coastal road.

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