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Road Embankment Collapse Addressed with MacCell 3D Cellular Confinement System

Soil reinforcement

Maccaferri’s soil reinforcement expertise at the service of the Department of Public Works and Highways

A portion of Davao City Diversion Road has been affected by frequent slope collapse, landslide and erosion leading to lane closures on the road and significant maintenance costs.

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) determined a more permanent solution addressing these issues was required. The first phase of the project covers a 200-meter stretch along the highway. The project, initially designed by DPWH with the inputs of a materials’ supplier, was bid and won by a regular client who asked our engineering team to carefully review the project design, installation methodology and specified materials.

Based on survey data provided by DPWH, Maccaferri Philippines raised some concerns regarding the feasibility of the initial design and the structural integrity of the proposed solution. As a result, Maccaferri were asked to reevaluate and arrive at a solution which would be simple to install and meet all of the design parameters set for the project.

Maccaferri’s proposed solution was a vegetated, mechanically-stabilized earth (MSE) wall system. Limited quantities of rock and boulder fill materials effectively ruled out Maccaferri gabions and Terramesh System so the seven-meter high MSE wall was designed using Maccaferri’s MacCell 3D cellular confinement system (MacCell P150, 150mm x 800mm in dimension). This forms the fascia of the system and soil reinforcement within the wall was effected using Maccaferri’s MacGrid woven geogrid (MacGrid WG8). The base of the MSE wall included Reno Mattress for additional foundation stability and protection. In order to meet the requirement for the facing of the structure to be covered with vegetation, the design called for the wall facing to be inclined.

This application of Maccaferri’s MacCell 3D cellular confinement system is relatively new in the Philippines. The contractors were impressed with the speed and ease of installation and the finished wall, once vegetated, will fully meet all design criteria set by DPWH. The next sector of this highway is due for similar treatment and in all likelihood, MacCell will be specified.

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