The ReadyMac Gabion is a gabion basked, prefilled with gabion stone, ready to be deployed straight into the works.

The heavily galvanised and polymer coated gabion unit is specially prepared at an off-site location, built and filled to a very high standard of workmanship in order to be able to withstand at least four separate lifting and placing cycles as well as the effect of transportation, vibration and movement which can induce considerable settlement of the stone fill within the basket. ReadyMac gabions therefore offer a convenient and rapid means of dealing with emergency situations such as road and railway closures caused due to landslips.

They can also be used to build retaining walls and revetments within difficult to access locations, or when time is limited. The pre-fabrication of the unit away from the final installation area can reduce risk and time on the site; ideal during hydraulic works, or during railway possessions.



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