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Economical and Practical MSE Wall Solution for the New Steel Production Plant in Cebu

Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall system

Wrap-around construction technique combined with MacBag Soil Bags were used to construct the MSE Wall for a secure and safe production site

Simple, rapid and economical Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall system (MSE Wall) with Maccaferri’s MacGrid and MacDrain geocomposites were used for the construction of modern steel production plant as an alternative to a costly reinforced concrete wall system

SteelAsia, a leading provider of world-class steel products in the Philippines is constructing its new production plant in Compostela, Cebu to meet the needs of today’s unprecedented economic growth. The natural terrain of the site was observed to be depressed and becomes a catchment area when rainfall pours that led them to seek an alternative solution apart from the initial plan to construct a costly reinforced concrete retaining wall system.

To address this concern, Maccaferri engineers developed a suitable Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall system (MSE Wall) design using MacGrid WG, woven polyester geogrid for soil reinforcement. A wrap-around construction technique combined with over thirty thousand MacBag Soil Bags were used for MSE Wall and MacDrain geocomposites for the possible build-up of pore water.

With the system’s simplicity and use of site-won materials, the material costs were minimal, and the speed of construction is relatively fast. Over time, the wall will likely self-vegetate, leading to an aesthetically pleasing green facing that camouflages well with the scenery that enhances the stability of the slope.

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