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Mine Site Rehabilitation using Our Hydro seeding Mulches


Advanced revegetation products achieve 80 percent success rate at Northern Luzon mine

Environmental issues challenging the mining industry have recently been brought to the fore as a result of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) audit of mine-site activities and environmental compliance. Maccaferri Philippines has been quick to provide assistance and support in mine site rehabilitation, restitution and reclamation activities; specifically, in promoting the use of hydro seeding mulches to reestablish vegetative ground cover and to provide highly effective erosion control.

Typically, open cast mining requires removal of overburden (surface material which typically includes topsoil) to access the minerals below. Thus, mined out areas may be left without a substrate that will promote and sustain vegetation. Furthermore, run-off from these areas is often silt laden leading to down-slope or downstream pollution. The steep slopes of open pits and mine-waste stockpiles create further issues.

The challenges in addressing these problems are three-fold; how to provide effective erosion control, establish vegetative cover and finally provide functional longevity without long-term site maintenance.

Our products – MacGanics, MacFlex, and JumpStart have recently been applied in a gold and copper mine in Northern Luzon. Faced with the problems identified above, we needed to arrive at a solution which would allow for rapid revegetation of rocky and boulder strewn slopes in the absence of nutrient rich topsoil and a suitable substrate.

Denuded or compromised sites result in insufficient nutrients within the soil to sustain growth. The traditional solution of transporting and distributing large quantities of healthy topsoil was too costly to be an effective option.

Our MacGanics™ Biotic Soil Media is a composite, engineered soil media designed to accelerate development of soils and substrates with low organic matter, low nutrient levels and limited biological activity.

MacFlex™ is an engineered product which combines both chemical and mechanical bonding techniques to lock the engineered medium in place, promote accelerated germination, minimize soil loss and reduce the turbidity of effluent runoff.

JumpStart™ is a fast-acting biostimulant designed to accelerate establishment of vegetation by improving moisture retention and nutrient uptake while reducing soil compaction and salinity.

The use of all three products has rendered spectacular results. Application of the mulches combined with seeds and fertilizers on the most challenging of areas resulted in 80% coverage of healthy kudzu plants within 18 days of application.

Many other mine-sites are taking note of the success of this application and embarking on trials to determine the effectiveness of the products in meeting the problems of their own distressed and denuded sites.

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