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Our MacTex® WP Used as Separation-Stabilization Geotextile


We assisted in the construction of two 30 meter diameter raw spent wash treatment tanks in San Carlos BioPower bioethanol distillery and energy plant in Negros Occidental

Our MacTex ® WP geotextile was installed at San Carlos BioPower energy plant with a separation and stabilization double function, to create the foundation to two 30 meter diameter tanks for the treatment of raw spent wash. 5,000 sqm of our geotextile were successfully installed under our supervision.

San Carlos Bioenergy Inc. (SCBI) operates an integrated bioethanol distillery and power co-generation plant which is the first of its kind in Asia. Situated in Negros, a prime agricultural area in the Philippines, San Carlos BioPower has a generation capacity of 20MW and supplies baseload power to the local grid.

Feedstock for the plant is ‘bagasse’ or sugarcane residues typically left over after pressing as well as energy crops from dedicated plantations. In their efforts to comply with proper waste management, SCBI’s project consultant asked us to assist in the design and construction of two raw spent wash treatment tanks. Specifically, designing the foundation of two 30 meters diameter tanks which would sit over a shallow groundwater table only a meter and a half below the existing ground. In order to achieve the required bearing capacity for the tank foundation, it was suggested that area under the tanks be excavated to a depth of 2 meters and lined with MacTex ® WP7S to provide both separation and stabilization.

MacTex® WP7S is a planar biaxial geotextile manufactured by weaving high tenacity polypropylene yarns. It is highly suitable for subgrade stabilization and basal reinforcement. with a tensile strength of 70kN/m. The MacTex® WP range goes up to 120kN/m for more critical applications.

Site preparation and excavation started in May 2017. When it was time to install the woven geotextile, our engineers went to site to supervise the installation of 5,000sqm of MacTex® WP7S grids. Over 20 rolls were installed in a little under four days and the additional facility is nearing completion.

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