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Maccaferri installs a MacMat R solution to mitigate erosion damage.

Erosion control - PH

MacMat R functions as the ideal erosion mitigation system designed to enhance the surrounding environment, and aid revegetation.

In a country renowned for typhoons and severe weather, road systems passing through hilly or mountainous terrain are likely to be affected by landslides, landslips, subsidence, and erosion.

A section of the National Highway in Lucban, Quezon Province is located on an exceptionally hazardously mountainous terrain and has suffered extensive erosion. Maccaferri (Philippine), Inc.’s engineers, worked closely with the Department of Public Works & Highways (DPWH) to develop an appropriate and cost effective solution. Site inspections were carried out to determine:

  • the degree of erosion
  • the type of embankment
  • the soil conditions and areas most susceptible to erosion.

It became apparent that protection was required below the road on an embankment with a slope of 45′ to 60′. Reinforced MacMat R was deemed to be the most appropriate solution. DPWH were advised to include both horizontal and vertical drainage channels on the slope to afford further protection against erosion.

After working with the local DPWH planning and design engineers, the project was awarded in November 2015 to a local contractor who started the installation process using Maccaferri’s materials. The work was completed on the slope in January 2016. The local contractor commented that the materials were easy to handle and installed, and the project was completed on schedule. Similarly, DPWH were satisfied with the outcome.

This is the first time Maccaferri’s MacMat R has been used in this province, and DPWH is keen to tackle other appropriate projects using these materials.
Within the last couple of months, the slope has started to re-vegetate; although this is expected for MacMat R, it was an added bonus for DPWH, who are keen to see projects, blend seamlessly into the environment. DPWH’s expectation was for the slope to stabilize over the next few months before the start of the rainy season; early spring rains demonstrated the effectiveness of this solution with no measurable erosion or subsidence.

Our solution offers real integration and immediate stabilization of the slope as well as providing suitable conditions for rapid plant germination and growth. MacMat R provides slope protection using a semi-active system, holding the soil mass with its erosion control 3D matrix and integral steel wire mesh reinforcement.

The slope is now secure, protected and at minimal risk of further erosion or failure. Ultimately, the client has concluded that Maccaferri’s installation is an elegant alternative to more traditional, costly and time-consuming methods of tackling this type of projects such as concrete, asphalt and stone riprap systems.

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