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Maccaferri’s MacMat R product functions as a drainage and erosion mitigation solution

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Maccaferri Philippines worked together with DPWH to provide drainage and erosion mitigation solution alongside the Roxas-Taytay-El Nido National Highway in Palawan.

As an initiative to boost tourism in Palawan, DPWH – Palawan 1st District Engineering Office has implemented plans
– to widen roads
– to ensure that embankments and road cuttings are protected from erosion.

One of these slope protection projects is located on the Roxas-Taytay-El Nido Road in Taytay, Palawan.

Our engineers conducted a site inspection in the last quarter of 2015 to determine both the slope profile and the different soil types present at the site. The slope ranges in height between 10m to 17m and is covered with dense vegetation.
The underlying soil was deemed as dense—i.e. consisting out of clay soil with rocky fragments and a few larger boulders. Maccaferri’s experience with these types of soil and slope conditions allowed us to recommend the installation of an erosion control mat.

Soils can quickly dry out and lose cohesiveness if they are left exposed to weather without immediate cover. This phenomenon will quickly lead to surface soil crumbling and detaching from the slope face.

Maccaferri’s MacMat R, a reinforced 3D erosion control mat was proposed for the project. Analysis by the project team revealed that:

  • the slope be cut and trimmed to achieve a maximum of 65° facing angle
  • it should be benched every 5m for slopes higher than 8m.

Vertical drainage canals intersected with horizontal drainage ditches were cut into the benches further to assist the drainage of the slope, MacMat R was chosen as the most suitable solution for this project for a number of reasons; the first being that the slope profile was somewhat uneven and irregular.

MacMat R can be easily cut to fit a variable slope geometry. Further, as an initiative in the beautiful province of Palawan, an aesthetically pleasing solution that blends in well to the surrounding countryside is desirable. The strength of MacMat R will help to resist the movement of the surface boulder and retain the ones that detach from the slope surface.

The trimming and profiling of the slope constituted the majority of the work on this project. The contractors found the materials easy to install and were overall very satisfied with the finished result. Vegetation is currently rapidly appearing on the slope and within a few months, this stabilized slope will fully blend with the surrounding countryside. It has proved to be a cost-effective alternative to other erosion control systems.

DPWH’s experience with Maccaferris products used in this project has led them to deem the MacMat R product line as favored solutions for similar projects along the same road stretch.

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