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Maccaferri continues to implement Basal Reinforcement solutions.

Basal Reinforcement - Asia

Maccaferri devotes itself to providing the best basal reinforcement in construction products in order to help reduce risk.

Whenever construction is carried out upon soft or unstable ground, there is the possibility of settlement. This can include geological effects caused by subsidence, sink holes and solution features as well as man-made effects, such as mining voids. When there are large increases in overburden on native ground, there is the potential of differential settlement or collapse. Within mining works, stockpiled materials or heap leach pads impose enormous surcharges upon the ground. Basal reinforcement helps to reduce differential settlement.

Maccaferri has long devoted itself to ensuring that its basal reinforcement solutions provide clients with the most satisfying, user-friendly, long-lasting and secure answer.

Exemplifying this commitment aptly is one of Maccaferri’s latest development projects in Sri Lanka where Maccaferri proposed MacGrid WG 15 and WG 20, a high strength geogrid with a tensile strength of 150kN/m2 and 200kN/m2 respectively to stabilize the foundation soil of an embankment. The client accepted MacGrid based on the following criteria:

  • Low Creep with High Long Term Design Strength
  • Low Installation Reduction Factor
  • Low Durability Reduction Factor
  • High Short term Stress Strain Characteristic
  • High Pollout Resistance
  • Guaranteed Product Quality

After clients envisioned design was implemented and completed in April 2008, Maccaferri received positive feedback from the customer. Overall the aspect of the installation was said to be pleasing and respecting of the natural environmental features. The client was very pleased with how user-friendly the solution turned out to be, and also enjoyed Maccaferri’s periodical onsite assistance. Since the installation of Maccaferri’s solution the material used has proven to be durable. Until now it requires very limited maintenance, and when damaged it can easily be repaired. In this case study, Maccaferri was able to provide the client with all the requested solutions.

For further technical information, please download the Case History present in the Asian website.

This project exemplifies how the combination of experience, professionalism, design software, technical support services and the aim of providing the best products in the market are indeed what sets Maccaferri apart from other engineering companies.

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