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Highway Protected Against Landslides in Amuyong, Alfonso, Cavite

Mechanically Stabilized Earth

An 8m high MacGrid reinforced Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) wall was constructed to support the highway

The local authorities were concerned about the stability of the highway in Amuyong, in the town of Alfonso, Cavite. Our solution was an 8m high and 30m long MSE wall constructed with our MacBags filled with locally-sourced materials and reinforced with MacGrid geogrids. This proved to be a cost-effective solution compared to reinforced concrete and allowed completion of the project within budget constraints.

Cavite is located on the Southern shore of Manila Bay in the Calabarzon region. Situated just 21 kilometers South of the capital, it is one of the most industrialized provinces because of its close proximity to Metro Manila. With a population of nearly 4 millions, it is the most populated province in the country.

The Provincial Engineer’s Office of Cavite requested assistance in designing an appropriate structure to reinforce the highway at Amuyong, Alfonso, Cavite. Specifically, the Local Government Unit (LGU) were concerned about the stability of the highway and the danger of landslides on the downslope side. Since the location is well-populated and has a basketball court immediately below, addressing the problem was important.

The initial LGU initiative was to build a reinforced concrete retaining wall. However, space constraints prevented construction of the wall to road height. Further, budget constraints prevented the LGU completing the project using their original design methodology.

Our solution was to construct the upper portion of the retaining wall (up to the level of the road) using soil bags MacBags filled with locally-sourced materials and wrap-around grids. This proved to be a cost-effective solution and allowed completion of the project within budget.

The construction method called for the soil bags to be laid down on MacGrid® WG8 geogrid made from high molecular weight, high tenacity polyester multifilament yarns. MacTex MXL non-woven geotextiles and MacDrain W1061 drainage composite were also used in the design. As each layer of soil bags was installed, MacGrid® was wrapped around the face of the bags with up to 4m of reinforcement. This system was also used successfully for a 1.2 Km long retaining wall in Tagaytay in 2015.

The total wall height was 8 meters. The geogrid and soil bag component topped out at 4.2 meters and length was 30 meters. Total construction time including site preparation was a little over 2 months and the project was completed ahead of schedule.

Subsequent visits to the site have shown that the wall is beginning to self-vegetate adding to the aesthetic appearance and helping the structure blend back into the environment, without damaging the integrity of the structure.

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