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Maccaferri’s Gabion Embankment Protects Stretch of the Pan-Philippine Highway


The 4 m high and 140 m long structure was built in Sto. Cristo, Sariaya, Quezon

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Region IV, 2nd District Engineering Office, in its continuous endeavour to provide improved public works and services, included the rehabilitation and improvement of a stretch of the Pan-Philippine Highway near the town of Sto. Cristo, in Sariaya, Quezon. The Pan-Philippine Highway, also known as the Maharlika Highway is a network of roads, bridges, and ferry services that form the country’s north–south backbone running from Laoag City in the far north to Zamboanga City in southern Mindanao.

Road improvement was required because the road is located atop a 3 m high steep embankment with roadside drainage. To protect the road bed and prevent collapse, DPWH determined the need to shore up the embankment using four layers of gabions.

The contractor chosen to install the gabions was L.A. Clamor Construction who were keen to use our quality materials. The design specified a total of 600 units of 2m x 1m x 1m polymer coated gabions.

One consideration and design requirement was the use of a non-woven geotextile – our MacTex® – as a separator between the gabions and soil behind the structure. This prevents the migration of fine soils through the gabion fascia and prevents cavities forming behind the gabion embankment.

In June 2017, after site preparation, our engineers attended the site to provide instruction on placement and filling of the gabions. The contractor was thankful for the assistance since he had no previous experience with gabions. The contractor’s workers soon got the hang of it and were delighted by the speed and simplicity of construction that gabions offer. With previous experience of concrete and stone masonry walls, the contractor commented that the self-draining gabion wall offered significant savings since there was no need to install drainage ports.

The completed 4 m high gabion wall structure measured 140 m in length and all rehabilitation work was completed by the end of 2017.

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