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Function and beauty are combined in memorial park retaining wall


Terramesh® reinforced soil structure secures Memorial Park grounds

When a 6m high retaining wall collapsed in the Eternal Gardens’ Greenhills Memorial Park after a series of heavy rains, we provided a solution to address the hydraulic pressure behind the wall. Our Terramesh® System reinforced soil structure was deployed combined with MacDrain® drainage geocomposites. The wall was installed quickly and added an aesthetically pleasing look.

Eternal Gardens is a leading developer of first-class memorial parks and provider of memorial care products and services. The latest addition to their 10 memorial parks located throughout the Philippines is the Greenhills Memorial Park, Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao.

Our technical department was contacted by Eternal Gardens in February 2017. In one section of the park, a 6m high retaining wall had collapsed after a series of heavy rains. The probable reason for failure was due to the build up of hydraulic pressure behind the wall. The collapsed and damaged sections of the original wall were constructed from concrete hollow blocks and reinforced concrete posts and stretched for some 40 metres.

The memorial park explained that a failure to address this issue would result in the loss of viable and leasable land area, damage to existing structures and the very real danger of falling debris on to the pavement at the toe of the slope.

Working with site plans and sectional drawings provided by the client, our engineers determined the most appropriate solution to replace the retaining wall. Given space constraints imposed by the existing concrete pavement at the bottom portion of the slope, Eternal Gardens were provided with installation plans and Bill of Quantities for a 6m high, vertical faced, Terramesh® System retaining wall.

Construction commenced in June to clear debris and the remnants of the existing wall. The advantage of our Terramesh® System is that it allows the migration of water through the slope face, therefore, provision was made for a drainage area where our MacDrain® drainage geocomposites and HDPE pipes discharge water into a drainage canal located at the bottom of the wall.

As each 1m high course was laid and filled with boulders, soil was backfilled and compacted to a minimum 95% of MDD by Standard Proctor. A 150gsm MacTex® non-woven geotextile was laid behind the Terramesh® units to prevent migration of fine material through the face.

Eternal Gardens chose to top the Terramesh® System MSE wall with a cyclone wire and concrete post perimeter fence.

The installation was completed in July, all work having been carried out by Eternal Gardens’ own contractors and site workers. The finished result has the added advantage of being aesthetically pleasing.

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