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Decorative promontory stabilized with erosion control geomat


A 15m-high mound provides centrepiece to Festival Mall in Alabang

An imposing 15m-high soil structure dominates the park area within the Festival Mall in Alabang. An erosion control solution was needed but designers and landscapers were looking for something different from concrete or rock. Maccaferri proposed MacMat R, our erosion control geomat, for long-term re-vegetation. MacMat R satisfied the client’s requirements and achieved excellent erosion protection while providing a green and aesthetically pleasing structure.

Filinvest Land Incorporated (FLI), one of the country’s top land developers, has recently opened a massive extension to Festival Mall in Alabang. Now dubbed ‘Filinvest Supermall’ the extension offers a significant increase in retail space, commercial office space and recreational parkland accessed through the shopping mall. Snaking between buildings, there is a river and a lagoon with a promontory affording views of the park areas.

As a centerpiece to the mall, the 15m high promontory mound has 70 degree facing slopes and is topped with a viewing deck. Accepting that the mound would be constructed from earth, designers were hard pushed to prevent erosion without covering the face of the mound with concrete or rock.

In early 2015, during initial construction of the park and river areas, we visited the site to see the challenges posed by this imposing structure. After extensive discussions with designers and landscapers, we proposed MacMat R on the basis that the material would afford the requisite amount of erosion protection and yet, once vegetated, seamlessly integrate with the rest of the parkland area.

In order to position the viewing deck on top of the slope and provide a suitable vista, it was necessary to maintain the 70o facing angle. Subsurface drainage systems had to be incorporated into the mound, covered, and re-vegetated.

Macmat R proved to be an effective and affordable solution. Little effort was made to seed the slope since the underlying soils were of good quality and would naturally vegetate. On completion of the project, many months before the mall opened the parkland area, significant vegetative growth had established on the mound. MacMat R achieved the objective of securing the face of the slope, reinforcing the roots of the established vegetation, achieving excellent erosion protection and providing a clean and green, aesthetically pleasing result.

MacMat R fitted easily to the slope geometry because of its flexibility, and proved to be a cost-effective solution. Over time, landscape gardeners will trim and manicure the vegetation to enhance the natural beauty of this structure. MacMat R will remain unseen whilst serving permanently as an erosion protection material.

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