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Paralink reinforces base of ore stockpile

Paragrid Maccaferri

Reinforcing the base of the embankment is possible with ultra-high strength georgics.

When constructing embankments for infrastructure, or stockpiles within mines, the overburden can cause differential settlement and serviceability problems.

This reinforcement is ideal over soft soils, or areas that are above old mine workings, where there could be a potential of settlement; this can also occur in areas prone to sinkholes, or karstic washout.

Maccaferri’s Paralink is a uniaxial geogrid made with polyester and has a tough polyethylene sheathing. This proven sheathing gives Paralink the best Long Term Design Strength partial factor in the geogrid industry; you need less Paralink to do the same job, compared to any other geogrid. The result is saving time and money on the project.

A great example of this time served experience is in a ore stockpile basal reinforcement project in Quebec Canada, completed nearly 10 years ago. Please download the Case History to find out more.

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