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Threat of soil erosion in Nigeria calls for structural erosion control plan

Erosion control - NG

The country is chronically hit by soil erosion. Federal and local governments need to make best use of high-level know how in order to preserve local communities

Nigeria needs to get on top of soil erosion issues. Erosion happens when severe rain, flooding or unmanaged water resources break into communities, industrial facilities, agricultural fields and urban settlements, causing irreversible damage – at worst loss of lives – and jeopardizing local economies which therefore are unable to pursue progress and economic development. In Nigeria, several states suffer from erosion.

The most hit is Anambra State, where more than one thousand sites have been reported to be eroding, but also Enugu, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa states need to reckon with deterioration of infrastructures whenever the rainy season points out lack of prevention and deficiency in planning.

Erosion is not very debated on the media but nonetheless is a phenomenon heavily affecting local communities. Farmlands get unfit and unable to produce foodstuffs when the fields are flooded. Schools and universities need to interrupt classes or even full semesters when road links are interrupted or campuses destroyed by adverse climate events. Hospitals become unable to deliver treatments, drugs or emergency care, leading to sanitary emergencies.

Thousands of man-hours are lost when transports are affected, leading to a serious economic damage in terms of output and productivity. Definitively, prevention is the key. Territories need to be secured long before the increasingly unpredictable climate brings catastrophic consequences that cannot be managed or circumscribed in a crisis situation.

Local or federal governments need to play a role, but also need to be advised by reliable experts with international experience and strategic approach. Reliability of the private sector’s experts is crucial: too often taxpayer money is spent unwisely.

Poor infrastructures are built and no prevention is made, thus laying the foundation for another season of uncertainty when the rainy spell approaches. Being able to control the erosion phenomenon traduces into making sure that the rate at which new erosion sites pop up is structurally lower than the rate at which old erosion sites are secured. Maccaferri is by now a recognized leader in the erosion control market worldwide.

Based in Nigeria and South Africa, we carry on projects all over the continent with specific and internationally valued know-how, products and solutions aimed at coping with erosion issues, drainage, flooding and water management. As a modern civil engineering contractor, we also provide advice and customized software in order to design perfectly tailored infrastructural projects.

Our works are long lasting and budget friendly, combining the best technologies in order to develop reliable, eco-friendly and sustainable solutions.

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