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Shoreline Protected with Gabions and Reno Mattress in Ekeremor, Delta State


The installation of Gabions and Reno Mattresses prevents the shoreline from erosion

Maccaferri Nigeria is preventing the river in the Ekeremor community of Delta State from overflowing its banks by using Gabions and Reno Mattress to protect the shoreline. This helps to reclaim lands lost to erosion that previously belonged to the local population.

Ekeremor town has been under intense threat of flooding whenever the adjacent river overflows its bank during times of high rainfall. During such periods, activities within the area close to the river and town are restricted, forcing local inhabitants to relocate. In light of this situation, experts recommended a 2000m (2km) long protection barrier to tame the river.

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), a Federal Government Agency with the mandate to develop the Niger Delta region of Southern Nigeria took the responsibility to provide a long-term sustainable environmental solution. The construction process was designed to cater to two separate causes:

  • to protect the eroding town via a system of precast concrete piles driven to cover a distance of 500m and a depth of 12m – 15m respectively
  • to install a Maccaferri PVC Coated Gabion and Reno Mattress solution alongside the remaining 1.5km of the river bank to prevent it from flooding the town.

The engineered solution offered by Maccaferri brings together the concepts of:

  • flexibility: Reno Mattresses manufactured from double twisted hexagonal woven mesh can accommodate differential settlement without fracture
  • permeability: the porous nature of the Reno mattress revetment structure resulting from the use of rock as a fill material prevents the build-up of hydrostatic heads behind the structure during the rapid draw down arising from the river level fluctuations.
  • durability: all wires used in the manufacturing of Gabions and Reno Mattress are Class A zinc galvanized (230-265 g/m2 ) with an additional 0.5mm extruded polymer coating.
    The additional polymer coating is essential in hydraulic environments as it provides complete protection to the zinc coating and offers resistance to abrasion caused by sediments.
  • easy construction: the modular units allowed for easy installation under wet conditions. Construction of the base layers was done during the Spring Low Tides. The project was concluded this year.

Inhabitants are now able to access subsequently reclaimed eroded areas.

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