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A series of check dams and stilling basins at Ninth Mile gully erosion site, Enugu


Our Reno Mattresses and geotextiles protect the area from erosion

With the gully spreading dangerously close to residential areas, the Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project intervened to stop erosion at Ninth Mile, Enugu. The local consultant involved in this project proposed to build a series of check dams to reduce the energy of flood water and ultimately reduce surface run-off at the gully. The check dams were built using our gabions and Reno Mattresses.

Ninth Mile is situated within the outfall sub-zone of the Ajali river side tributaries. The gully is situated at the scarp slope of Awka-Orlu uplands which is accessible by the old Onitsha – Ninth Mile road.

The soil texture of Ninth Mile region is largely cohesionless which makes it susceptible to erosion. This is compounded by badly constructed drainage channels from factories, uncoordinated road construction and residential buildings.

The Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project, together with the help of a local consultant, intervened by introducing hydraulic work structures, including a series of check dams and stilling/energy dissipation basins using our gabions, Reno Mattresses and MacTex N geotextiles.

Among the advantages offered by this solution, was the dissipative process involving the flood water, that reduced the surface run-off and erosion and enabled vegetation to be restored to the local area.

Moreover, this solution also proved to be cost-effective as the rocks used to fill gabion baskets and Reno Mattresses were sourced from a local quarry.

The two year project was completed this year.

For more information, please download our case history. 

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