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Maccaferri secures 48-km pipeline in Nigeria after disaster flood


Key pipeline for Nigerian economy was repaired and secured after worst flood in decades

The Kwale-OB/OB gas pipeline is a 48 Km pipeline, the only way to deliver natural gas from Kwale GasPlant to OB/OB Gas Treatment Plant, which in turn delivers Gas to Bonny LNG. The pipeline was built in 2004. At the end of September 2012, Nigeria experienced the worst flooding in 50 years. The pipeline was damaged and consequently gas supply to the gas treatment plant was interrupted. Although completed in late 2012 / early 2013, the solution remains relevant today, due to the seemingly increasing frequency of significant flood events worldwide, applying greater pressures on existing infrastructure.

A detailed investigation was carried out and reported findings revealed extensive erosion and several changes on the river bed. This, coupled with the high flood water current likely resulted in the breakage of the pipe. Due to the strategic importance of the pipeline, an urgent repair intervention was carried out.

Maccaferri’s ACBM mattresses were chosen as the best suitable solution to restore the functionality of the infrastructure. ACBM mattresses were used to provide not only future scour protection but also as ballast to stabilize the pipeline, restricting its future movement under high-flows. The high flexibility and modularity of the ACBM mattresses allowed a quick installation. Thanks to this intervention and the use of ACBM, the distribution of gas to power generation facilities throughout the country was restored in a short time.

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