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2.3 Km Long Sea Dike Will Protect the Goxu District in Saint-Louis, Senegal


Our MacBag®, Gabion and Reno Mattresses were used to prevent the ocean from endangering lives and properties

We supplied three different solutions to build a 1.7 km long sea dike in order to protect the inhabitants of Goxu district in the city of Saint-Louis, Sénégal. Due to the steady rise of the ocean, the inhabitants are always at risk of coastal erosion. We were chosen to supply our cost-effective and durable MacBag®, gabions and Reno Mattresses at the end of 2017. The sea dike should be extended to 2.3 km.

The city of Saint-Louis in Senegal is always at the mercy of global warming. On the shores of the fifth largest city in the country is the ever-increasing level of the Atlantic Ocean. In 2016, several houses in the district of Guet N’Dar, during the high tides of the equinox, collapsed and were carried away by waves.

Recently, the French President, Emmanuel Macron, pledged 15 million Euros in aid to halt coastal erosion along the Langue de Barbarie.

Emergency and protection works in the Goxu district are already underway to create a 1.7 km long sea dike. For this project, which is being carried out by Eiffage Group and the Municipality of Saint-Louis, made use of our products: MacBag®, gabions and Reno Mattresses in polymer coating. The aim is to extend the project to protect a 2.3 km long stretch of coast.

MacBag® is a bag made from woven geotextile, filled on site with sand or grout and used in the construction of groynes, perched beaches and offshore breakwaters. It can also be used for the basal protection of marine structures and also as a support for submarine pipelines.

For this project, our MacBag® was covered with gabions and mattresses with polymer coating to better withstand the marine environment.

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