tunnelling drainage

Drainage Pipes

Micro-perforated plastic drainage pipes for the consolidation of soils within tunnel excavations. The plastic drainage tubes are inserted into a pre-drilled hole in order to drain water from the soil behind or adjacent to the tunnel excavation.

The drainage pipes can be sheathed in a geotextile ‘sock’ to stop the perforations becoming clogged by fine material in suspension in the ground water. The drain pipes feature an innovative coupling system to facilitate rapid deployment.


SIDRA drain is a self-drilling steel drainage pipe system used for the consolidation of soils within tunnelling and underground mining operations. SIDRA Drain does not require additional pipe sheathing during its installation into debris masses or landslides, unlike traditional pre-slotted drainage pipes.
SIDRA Drain consists of a high quality steel pipe with regularly spaced 16 mm Ø drainage holes, protected by ‘micro-filtering’ valves. It is installed into the ground using a sacrificial bit with a non-return valve if installed with a rotary technique.
When installing below the water table, a ‘preventer’, located at the mouth of the hole during the drilling/installing phase, is used.

 Important note: The Bekaert-Maccaferri joint venture: In October 2014, we entered into a global sales and distribution JV with Bekaert. The resulting joint venture, BekaertMaccaferri Underground Solutions will serve underground construction markets on a worldwide basis, except in mainland China and Hong Kong, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay, where Bekaert and Maccaferri will continue to operate independently.

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