Timber Crib

Maccaferri Timber Crib is a mass gravity retaining wall system of treated, interlocking, timber header and stretcher units which form a cribwork structure. This is then filled with granular durable stone. Simple and rapid to install by any competent contractor, Maccaferri Timber Crib is an effective retaining structure where the aesthetics of timber is desired. Corners and radii can also be incorporated within timber crib structures.

Eco Shutters

Eco Shutters are used as short term retention panels for topsoil on slopes, or in conjunction with our gabion and Terramesh® structures.
Eco Shutters are manufactured from willow cuttings tightly woven into a panel with ‘legs’ which can then be driven into the ground to form a retention fence for topsoil, or into the prepared face of a gabion to support topsoil on the face of the gabion structure. This can assist in the ‘greening-up’ of gabion structures for example.

Tela Pesc

Tela Pesc mesh has the quality and durability for making cages for “Aquaculture”. Produced from galvanized wire and PVC coated, it is the ideal solution for static fish cages, ensuring high durability and excellent cost/benefit.


The ErdoX earth structures are multifunction devices to provide soil stabilisation on slopes and also debris flow mitigation. The ErdoX unit earth supporting structure is a modular unit with a single anchorage element. It features a cruciform facing panel structure made with steel beams which are hot dip zinc coated (EN ISO 1461:2009) and shaped to enable rapid jointing. One of the two beams is divided into two parts connected together in order to simplify the transportation of “folded units”. The single anchorage element speeds and simplifies installation and is ideal for emergency earth retention or debris flow situations.

Handling Frames

We have developed and built a series of lifting frames for handling bitumen and concrete mattresses. There are two different categories of frame:
– Manual frames for handling out of the water or in shallow water
– ROV friendly automatic frames for submarine installation in deep water.

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