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Maccaferri aims at preparing Nigeria for the next rainy season

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Nigeria is increasingly under the threat of flash floods and soil erosion. Proper vast-scale measures need to be engineered. Private reliable operators like Maccaferri can play a key role.

As we recently wrote, the Nigerian environment is constantly menaced by environmental threats and climate emergencies that lead to soil erosion in farmlands, also damaging road networks, civil infrastructures and industrial settlements.

The aggregate loss, in terms of productivity and economic output, is absolutely relevant for the country in development. For this reason, we advocate a structural plan in order to prevent soil erosion. At this time, we will address another issue, yet directly connected to erosion: flooding.

Flooding is becoming a frequent happening in Nigeria, year after year, season after season. When waters are not managed, when flash-floods are not forecasted and faced with proper measures, they definitively lead to soil erosion. Drainage solutions need to be implemented all across the country, in order to make sure that erosion control measures do not result in wasting taxpayer resources.

Curbing the menace of flood is mandatory and structural measures are strongly needed: dams, embankments and drainage pipes can be useful in order to slow down and manage water flows, thus reducing damage to agriculture and human settlements.

Flooding and erosion is mainly affecting road transport infrastructures in Nigeria. This happens for two main reasons: infrastructure is not well protected and lack the necessary maintenance.

Too often, professionals in the civil engineering sectors are not taken into the deserved consideration, therefore public works are granted to inefficient operators which build poor infrastructures. The allocation of public resources needs to be improved and internationally recognized companies can be a crucial source of advice in this perspective.

Maccaferri is a worldwide civil engineering firm. Also based in Nigeria and South Africa, we carry out projects all over the continent with specific and internationally valued know-how, products and solutions aimed at coping with erosion issues, drainage, flooding and water management.

As a modern civil engineering contractor, we also provide advice and customized software in order to design tailored solutions.

Our works are long lasting and budget friendly, combining the best technologies in order to develop reliable, eco-friendly and sustainable solutions.

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