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MacGrid Geogrids used for Road Rehabilitation and Resurfacing on the Ilesa-Akure Road, Ondo-State


A major highway suffering from deterioration was restored using Maccaferri’s MacGrid Geogrids.

Pavement reinforcement and rehabilitation feature among Maccaferri’s fields of expertise. At Maccaferri we strive to provide clients with the necessary infrastructure applications designed to secure transportation routes. Under repeated loads, highway pavements are prone to fatigue including cracking and rutting. If surface water penetrates the upper pavement layers, it can accelerate the deterioration of the surface.

Maccaferri’s pavement engineers have recognized the need for geogrid based pavement rehabilitation solutions and have therefore dedicated time and effort to devising optimized product ranges designed to resolve pavement related queries.

A 2015 road rehabilitation project in the western part of Nigeria on the Ilesha-Akure Road delineates the benefits of Maccaferri’s transportation infrastructure related products and solutions and how they can be applied to current pavement concerns.

The Ilesha-Akure Road, a major roadway for heavy-duty trucks, measuring 7.3m in width over a span of 66km, had deteriorated into a poor state. The condition of the pavement was of primary concern as it was in danger of no longer being able to withstand the weight of heavy duty construction vehicles that routinely used the route to reach other main cities in Nigeria.

The surface of the road was highly cracked which would risk increasing the accident rate and posed a significant threat to motorists and citizens living along the route. In light of this, a South African consultancy firm was hired to design the rehabilitation of the road.

The consultant chose Maccaferri’s MacGrid AR Geogrid Asphalt stabilisation solution; a glass fiber and polymer geogrid installed within the asphalt overlayer. The MacGrid AR , stabilises the pavement, thereby increasing the design life of the road.

Furthermore, MacGrid AR Geogrid provides lateral restraint within the asphalt that improves the pavements resistance to rutting and shoving.

Secondly, it is easy to install as no additional equipment, except for local labor, is required. Finally, the application itself is a cost-effective solution for preventing reflective cracking within the upper asphalt layers of road pavements during rehabilitation works.

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