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Gully erosion at Ikot Ekpo now controlled with Maccaferri’s Gabions and MacMat®

Erosion_Ikot Ekpo_Gabions_Macmat

The gully erosion site was among the priorities of the Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP)

Erosion of the Ikot Ekpo gully has caused significant harm to lives and properties in the Calabar Municipality, Cross River State. Maccaferri Nigeria was asked to provide an erosion control solution as part of the Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP) to address the problem. Double twist mesh Gabions, MacMat geomat and MacTex geotextiles were installed to address the continuous erosion of the top-soil, reduce water velocity and stabilise the gully bed, and prevent the gully from threatening the lives of inhabitants and infrastructure.

The Ikot Ekpo gully is one of the prioritized gully erosion sites for the NEWMAP in the Cross River State. NEWMAP was formed in 2010 by The Federal Ministry of Environment and The World Bank and its partner agencies to address, on a multi-dimensional scale, the challenges of gully erosion, the emerging land degradation and environmental insecurity.

The Ikot Ekpo community is located in the Calabar Municipality, in the Cross River State capital. Calabar lies between the valleys of two rivers: the Great Qua River on the eastern side, and the Calabar River on the west. The Ikot Ekpo gully is approximately 370 metres long, on average 23 metres deep and 35 metres wide. Gully erosion has led to the loss of human lives and caused damage to private dwellings and farmlands, urban infrastructure and the ecosystem (e.g. loss of biodiversity, spawning grounds for fish and other wildlife habitat).

In 2014, the problem was addressed within the NEWMAP with the support of the local consultant Abeno Consults, who suggested the use Maccaferri’s gabions and geotextiles products. Now, in order to further strenghten the soil layers, Maccaferri Nigeria proposed the use of the geomat MacMat.

When secured over the vulnerable soil slope, MacMat immediately increases the soil’s resistance to surface erosion run-off. Over 90% of the volume of the mat is voids and is therefore available for soil filling, maximising the potential for establishing vegetation on the slope. When used within the gully watercourse it provides additional hydraulic erosion protection. By reinforcing the root systems of the vegetation it increases the shear resistance of the solution to the hydraulic forces upon it.

Our solution proved to be effective in keeping the top soil in place and the vegetation of the area was further revived, as is shown in the picture.

For more information on this project, download our case history.

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