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Gabion and Reno Mattresses can solve your shoreline protection problems


Together, gabion and Reno Mattresses provide a solution for the Excravos Terminal shoreline project in Nigeria

When used together, Maccaferri gabions and Reno Mattresses can help mitigate erosion and protect our shorelines from disappearing. The Excravos shoreline protection project shows this solution.

Gabions and Reno Mattresses can provide excellent shoreline protection. Designed to help mitigate erosion, these simple solutions can help prevent potentially hazardous and damaging circumstances. The Excravos Terminal project shows how gabions can be used in conjunction with Reno Mattresses to protect a shoreline from undercutting.

The Excravos Terminal is a major oil production facility owned and operated by Chevron Nigeria Limited. It is primarily a loading terminal and it is bounded on its south-eastern axis by the river Excravos which is approximately 700 m long. The Excravos terminal shoreline consists originally of driven reinforced concrete revetment, with a 2.5m wide walkway located on its peak.

The Excravos terminal fence-line is protected from scouring and erosive actions of the river. However, after having observed the circumstances, experts determined that the fence line was suffering from major undermining and undercutting of the foundation materials. This resulted in the considerable deformation of the wall and an overall heightened instability. The instability of the system called for an urgent intervention.

Initially temporary remediation measures using concrete bag revetment to retain materials and protect the shoreline were installed. However, this solution was quickly replaced as the undercutting persisted. Hence, a new solution, i.e. a construction of civil works and flexible materials, was adopted by the consultant.

The concrete wall was reconstructed to restore the access walkway, while Maccaferri gabions and Reno-Mattresses were engaged to forestall further erosion of the land-river interface and abutting facilities.

The solution came with a series of benefits:
– the shoreline was protected and damages were remediated
– the fence was finally stabilized
– the access walkway was restored
– erosion and damage to the shoreline and abutting facilities was permanently prevented.

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