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Maccaferri’s erosion control applications successfully deployed to prevent land flooding in Nigeria.

Erosion control - NG

Well-known Reno Mattresses and Gabion products were used to protect the embankment of the Ibom River in the State of Akwa- Ibom.

To contain the effects of flooding by the Ibom River in the Nigerian State of Akwa- Ibom, the Niger Delta Commission decided to deal with the issue by appointing an environmental consultancy company, tasked with investigating the best approach to the problem.

Many times the river banks have overflown and the surrounding villages have been facing flood waters up to 500mm. Additionally, during flood times, the embankment was being eroded and loss of land was resulting in the encroachment on dwellings. The river reaches were widening with no containment thus needing urgent shoreline protection measures.

In charge of studying the issue, Delkem Associates environmental consultants established that previous interventions of shoreline protection had failed, largely due to the combination of flexible and rigid systems at the same time, which are incompatible.

Consequently, their proposed solution was to introduce a flexible system that was durable for long term protection by using Maccaferri’s Reno Mattresses and Gabions (as anchors), which could be used to remedy the situation and thereby contribute to improve the friction characteristics that have direct effect on the erosion and the denudation of the embankment.

Therefore, after studying the hydraulic factors of flooding and the scouring of the embankment that was leading to severe erosion, Delkem Associates decided that a flexible intervention should undoubtedly be used.

Following the execution of the project by Smith Engineering Company contractor, the solution proposed by Delkem Associates incorporated a design based on the deployment of Maccaferri’s Gabions and Reno Mattresses as a shoreline protection to arrest the erosion, which would also allow sediment deposit that could restore the embankment. The main purpose was to improve the embankment and indirectly reduce the flooding of communities. Started in 2007, the work on the Ibom River’s embankment was concluded in 2013 and allowed for a progressive improvement of the safety of the nearby communities.

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